Parking Lot 3 Closed Temporarily

Contract Operator would like to share some information with you for your consideration regarding snakes and snake related injuries. Due to the desert location of the site, there can be a higher probability of an encounter with snakes. In all cases, when you spot a snake, try to keep track of its location. The Contract Operator quickly responds to remove them when sighted or reported.


    1. Watch where you step or reach. Snakes often hide from the sun when it is hot and are difficult to see.

    2. Be mindful of the footwear you choose if you are planning to be outside. Closed toe shoes provide better protection than sandals.

    3. As the temperature cools, snakes will be seeking concrete/asphalt surfaces in later hours to retain heat such as sidewalks, parking         lots, and roads.

    4. Leave Them Alone and call the Contract Operator Site Manager or Site Security at 520-799-6666.

First Aid Tips:

    1. Indications for anti-venom treatment are based on the injury, not the snake species.
        a. Do not try to capture or identify the snake, it is not necessary and often causes more injury.
        b. Although there are many different types of rattle snakes in AZ, there is only one anti-venom medication. Type of snake does not matter!

    2. Do NOT ice or apply restrictive dressings/tourniquets.

    3. Do NOT delay care and contact emergency help immediately.

    4. Do remove constrictive items like shoes and jewelry at injury.

Arizona Center of Poison Control is also an excellence source of reference for desert pest(s) first aid tips.

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Shelly Jost at In addition, please visit to stay informed on recent operations advisory announcements.

Thank you