Ring Road Maintenance

CAs part of the programmed road maintenance for the UA Tech Park, Contract Operator will be re‐sealing and re‐striping Ring Road during three upcoming weekends. During this time the designated sections will be blocked off around 4:00 AM Saturday Morning and reopened by 5:00 AM Monday Morning.


March 23 & 24 – The North Rita Rd Entrance will be closed, and the Ring Road will be closed from the North Rita Entrance to the parking lot north of bldg. 9020. This will also include closure of Lot 2 access from the Ring Road. The northwest Ring Road will also be closed including access to the Rec Center bldg. 9102, bldg. 9018 and bldg. 9012. Vehicles parked in the lot north of 9020 after 4:00 AM, March 23 will not be able to exit until 5:00 AM March 25th.

March 30 & 31 – The South Rita Rd Entrance will be closed, and the Ring Road will be closed from the south edge of the intersection by the North Rita Entrance to the east edge of Lot 8 entrance. During this time, access through the park will be closed off and vehicles must enter the site from the direction of the destined parking lot. Vehicles headed to parking lots 5 must use the North Rita Entrance and enter the lot west of the Ring Road. Lot 6 will be closed and vehicles parked in the lot 6 after 4:00 AM, March 30 will not be able to exit until 5:00
AM April 1st.

April 6 & 7 – The west side of Ring Road will be closed from south of the Raytheon Truck Entrance to the west edge of the Lot 7 entrance. This includes closure of the Kolb Access Road intersection. Vehicles headed to Lots 7, 8 and 9 must enter the site through the Rita Road Entrances. The west Raytheon Truck Entrance will be accessible from the north road at the Kolb Access stop sign by the school to near the Rec Center bldg. 9102 drive and south on the Ring Road to the Raytheon Entrance.

As part of this project, there will be some pot hole repairs and some speed hump work. This work will be performed using flagman to direct traffic around the work areas.

Please see map attached and plan accordingly.

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Shelly Jost at OccupantServices@uastp.com. In addition, please visit www.uastp.com to stay informed on recent operations advisory announcements.

Thank you