Planned Electrical Shutdown for Building 9016

PContract Operator will be performing a planned electrical shutdown for Building 9016 starting on Friday, February 22, 2019 and will be completed Saturday evening, February 23, 2019. Electricity to Building 9016 will be unavailable for most of the day on February 23. Power is expected to be restored by 7:00 pm Saturday evening.

Feeder Switch Schedule:

Friday Feb 22:
Buildings 9070 (sub 35) will be switched to PB5 by Jacobs. No impact to electrical service is anticipated.

Saturday Feb 23 (early am):
Power will be shutdown to building 9016 for maintenance on sub 9 for most of day.

Saturday Feb 23 (mid-day):
Buildings 9018 (subs 38, 40), 9070 (sub 35) and 9072 (sub 27) will be switched to PA5.

Saturday Feb 23 (at the end of the shutdown):
Buildings 9016 (sub 9) and 9070 (sub 35) will be switched to PB5 by Jacobs.

Building 9018 (subs 38, 40), and 9072 (sub 27) shall remain on PA5 (no switching required at the end of the shutdown).

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Shelly Jost at In addition, please visit to stay informed on recent operations advisory announcements.

Thank you